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About the Artist
Charles  Christopher(Chris)  Marcello

For over 23 years now, I have worked as a full-time visual artist.
My paintings have been exhibited and  collected in such places as  
New York,  Washington DC, Houston, Minneapolis,  
and throughout Louisiana, where I currently reside.

The National Catholic Reporter featured a cover story
about  the collaboration of my art with poems by my
late brother, Leo Luke Marcello, based on the life and mission of  
Saint Katharine Drexel.  My painting entitled Emma's Dream graced
the front cover, and there were a number of reproductions
as well as poems included in the article.

One of the most recent commissions in 2015  was for the Chapel of St. Raphael
at Christus St. Patrick's Hospital  Lake Charles, LA

In 2012, I was commissioned for the shrines at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church,
a church parish in  the Diocese of Lake Charles LA.  In this newly constructed church,
there are three shrines: one to St. Martin de Porres,  to Our Lady and the Child Jesus,
and the Resurrection.  Each shrine contains two arched canvas panels that  face each other.
Among them include images for Epiphany, Noli Me Tangere, and a tribute
to St. Martin de Porres and the orphanage he founded.

In 2008, Christus St. Patrick's Hospital celebrated their 100th anniversary,  
and I was  commissioned to paint 5 canvases based on their core values.
I used biblical passages to interpret  Dignity, Intergrity, Compassion,
 Excellence, and Stewardship. The originals hang in the Christus St. Patrick's
hospital  in Lake Charles,  and there eventually will be prints of them placed
in all the  Christus Healthcare facilities in the US and Mexico.

The Saint Charles Center, the retreat center for the Diocese of Lake Charles,
has commissioned a number of pieces,  including the Stations of the Cross for the
Chapel of the Assumption,  a large triptych of  the Transfiguration, and twenty small
paintings based on the life of  Christ used at  times as a part of the  directed retreat process.
Also, a number of churches throughout  the diocese have  commissioned  
art  for their own sanctuaries and vestibules.

In 2003, St. Martha's Church in Harvey, LA  commissioned me to paint the
Stations of the Cross for their new church,
where I was invited to be a part of the dedication.

I continue to work on several series including The Effects of Color on Travel,  
based on a nine-week journey throughout Europe and North Africa.
I knew then that my interpretation would never be the same after
experiencing the light, color,  and landscape of  these places.