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St. Martin de porres Catholic Church Commission

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I am very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to create
paintings for the shrines at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church in Lake Charles, LA.
When the pastor Father Keith Pellerin took me on a tour of the church, during construction,
we agreed to see how the Spirit would move me. I feel
I was guided throughout this journey, from before the canvas was stretched and primed,
up to the completion and installation of the works.
While praying about the images, there were certain elements that I wanted to include.
Take for instance, the vessel of myrrh that
is at the foot of Mary Magdalene in Rabboni: Noli Me Tangere.
This is the same vessel that is brought to Jesus by the Magi in
the Epiphany, one of the paintings in the shrine to Our Lady and Child Jesus.
Another important symbol appears in Bread for Orphans,
my tribute to St. Martin de Porres and his orphanages.
Inspired by beautiful images of young Peruvian children holding lambs in their
shawls, led me to the include both the lamb and bread to represent Eucharist.
My hope is that the parishoners and visitors to St. Martin de Porres, while
meditating with these paintings, may come to have their own
personal insights and responses in prayer.
I would like the parishoners to know that while comtemplating and creating this work,
I prayed for you and your community.

Charles Christopher (Chris) Marcello